See below for information on all the available courses. For enquiries on any of these courses, including questions about training and support (free for UK state schools), contact us using the form below.

A four-year, inclusive Latin language for English literacy course that can be taught by non-specialist teachers. Trial for free then access all resources with a one-time, pay-what-you-can fee. Training available (free for UK state schools). more ➡️

Thematic investigations of historical periods aimed at students aged 7-11 with a focus on connecting the past and the modern world, and on improving historical literacy. Perfect for topic teaching. Free to access for all. more ➡️

A ten-session Ancient Greek language and culture course that explores the links between modern and ancient culture and language. Perfect for students aged 7-11 studying Ancient Greece as a topic. Training available (free for UK state schools). more ➡️

An exploration of the Latin and Greek origins of the English language. A great vocabulary booster for students aged 7-13. Free and paid-for content. Training available (free for UK state schools). more ➡️

If you’d like to know more about any of the above courses, or if you’d like to book a free call to discuss any aspect of using them (including training), drop us a line using this form below.

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