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Interest in Classical civilisation and languages is growing in the state secondary sector. However, despite being included in the list of MFL languages, there is no established route to introducing Latin or Ancient Greek in state primary schools. The Maximum Classics course gives pupils from Years 4-6 the opportunity to learn foundation Latin, and to discover the ‘highlights’ of Classical culture whilst all the time broadening their English vocabulary and cultural capital.

The course is designed to be teachable by incumbent, non-specialist KS2 primary staff after minimal training by a Classics specialist. All classroom-ready plans and materials are available on this site for download. Free in-school training for the course is offered to UK state schools by Classics For AllIf you are interested in the provision of free training for your school, please get in touch using the form below.

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This course has been developed as a free resource for UK state schools: if that’s not you, and you’d like to access the resources published on this site, please consider making the (modest!) donation suggested below to support our efforts.


Here we go...the next 3 weeks we're reading the Oresteia with @HellenicStudies @sentantiq & @TheOMahony

Weds 21st at 8pm BST, watch Agamemnon (Oliver Taplin's translation) with our amazing cast, director @Tophocles & special guest Fiona Macintosh



And that's a wrap! Thank you @profmcscott and @hattrickster for a fantastically fun and informative discussion 😃

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