Building on the success of the KS3 programme, Classics Club,  Maximum Classics is a Latin and Classics course for KS2, backed by funding from Classics for All and The Shine Trust. The course’s three primary aims are:

  1. to facilitate the introduction of Latin and Classical culture to the primary state-sector to pupils of all abilities
  2. to create a sustainable solution for the teaching of Latin and Classical culture by training incumbent KS2 class teachers
  3. to support the aims of the KS2 National Curriculum in MFL and English, especially in supporting the learning of grammar and syntax, and in the extension and enrichment of English vocabulary

The course includes segments on Classical culture (e.g. mythology, everyday life) and  on the Latin language. The Latin language component is designed specifically to support the grammar and syntax learning required at KS2, while bolstering literacy through an English-Latin etymological approach. The course incorporates multi-modal learning and games, and is differentiated for various abilities.

Free training for non-specialist primary school teachers to deliver Maximum Classics is funded by Classics for All. If you are interested in the provision of free training for your school, please get in touch using the form below.

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