Word Roots

Learning about the roots of the English language offers a key to understanding novel words and enriching vocabulary.

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👸🏻 arch (rule/chief)📖 dict (speak/say)🚂 loc (place)🚇 sub (under/below)
🍬  ben/bon (well/good)🤵🏾🎶duc_(lead/take/bring)🏹 miss/mit (send)👆🏽super (above/over)
🐸 bio (life)🚢 fer (carry/bring/bear)🚶🏾‍♂️ ped/pod (feet)🔭tele (from a distance)
🎪 circ (about/around)🏆🏃🏾‍♀️fin (end)🤴🏽 reg/rect (rule)🦄 uni (one)
⛓ col/com/con (with)💪🏽 flex/flect (bend)✍🏼 scrib/script (write)🤼‍♂️ vers/vert (turn)
🙂🙁contr (against/opposite)📷 gram/graph (write/draw)🔊 son (sound)👀 vid/vis (see)
🎃 Halloween roots

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