Mega Greek

Taster lessons

Each of these three ‘taster’ modules comprises three lessons that introduce you to an aspect of Ancient Greek culture.

hermes1. Homer’s Heroes

Over three lessons, learn all about the characters in Homer’s epic The Iliad through games, stories and imaginary interviews. The messenger god Hermes will be your guide. More…


2. Professor Pythagoras’ Magical Maths

Let Professor Pythagoras guide you over three lessons through a wonderful world of angles, polygons, mosaics and ancient board games.  More…

athena_colour3. Speak Like The Gods

Athena, goddess of wisdom, guides you through the Ancient Greek language, showing you how to use the alphabet (great for secret codes!), and highlighting how you can spot the language in modern English. More…

Term-long course


The full Mega Greek course is divided into ten thematic lessons, each consisting of a language and a culture strand. The strands can be taught together or separately.

Lesson guide and theme Language Culture
1. Zeus, king of the gods: intro to Ancient Greece

small_download mg1 lesson plan

small_download mg1 pres

small_download mg1 notes

Ancient Greek roots in modern English

small_download mg1 wordmatch

small_download mg1 wordmatch answerkey

The Greek Gods – quiz, make & play match-up game

small_download mg1 gods matchup

2. Athena, goddess of wisdom: Science

small_download mg2 lesson plan

small_download mg2 pres

small_download mg2 notes

Reading and using the Greek alphabet, science root words

small_download mg greek alphabet

small_download mg2 transliteration

small_download mg2 transliteration answerkey

Ancient Greek scientific discoveries, astronomy – find the constellations

small_download mg2 constellations

3. Pythagoras, ace mathematician: Maths

small_download mg3 lesson plan

small_download mg3 pres

small_download mg3 notes

Transliteration and maths root words

small_download mg3 transliteration

small_download mg3 transliteration answerkey

Triangles – investigation into their properties

small_download mg3 triangle corners

small_download mg3 pyth theorem

4. Hephaistus, craftsman god: Art & Architecture

small_download mg4 lesson plan

small_download mg4 pres

small_download mg4 notes

Root words, verbs & the present tense

(exercise contained in mg4 pres.pptx)

Make a clay acroterion

small_download mg4 acroterion

5. Nike, goddess of victory: Sport

small_download mg5 lesson plan

small_download mg5pres

small_download mg5notes

Sport root words, the present tense

small_download mg5verbs

small_download mg5verbs answerkey

The Olympics, Olympic Truths game

small_download mg5 olympic lying

6. Persephone, queen of the underworld: Nature

small_download mg6 lesson plan

small_download mg6pres

small_download mg6notes

Nature root words, nouns

(exercise contained in mg6 pres.pptx)

The nature of myths, make  Persephone’s flowers

small_download mg6 pers flowers

7. Homer, epic poet: Entertainment

small_download mg7 lesson plan

small_download mg7pres

small_download mg7notes

Entertainment root words, singular nouns in simple sentences

small_download mg7 noun verb

small_download mg7 noun verb answerkey

Greek theatre, make a mask

small_download mg7 mask

8. Daedalus, mythical inventor: Inventions

small_download mg8 lesson plan

small_download mg8 pres

small_download mg8 notes

Invention root words, plural nouns

small_download mg 8 plurals

small_download mg 8 plurals answerkey

The Icarus myth, make an Icarus flyer

small_download mg8 icarus flyer

9. Hera, queen of the gods: Home Life

small_download mg9 lesson plan

small_download mg9pres

small_download mg9notes

Home root words, word order & simple sentences

small_download mg9sentences

small_download mg9sentences answerkey

Ancient ingredients, tasting/cooking activity

small_download mg9 tasting menu

small_download mg9 recipe

10. Plato, philosopher: Philosophy & Ethics

small_download mg10 lesson plan

small_download mg10pres

small_download mg10notes

Philosophy root words, negative sentences

small_download mg10sentences

small_download mg10sentences answerkey

What would you do? Structured ethical debate

small_download mg 10 dilemmas

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