KS2-3 Maximum Classics

The new Maximum Classics course now has sixteen units, covering four years of Latin teaching. For more information (including the scheme of work), click here. You can also trial the first unit of the new course.

The 33-lesson legacy course will continue to be available below. Please click on these links below for the teacher guides for Term 1 (Weeks One to Twelve), Term 2 (Weeks Thirteen to Twenty-Three) and Term 3 (Weeks Twenty-Four to Thirty-Three)

small_download Term 1 Teacher Guide       small_download Term 2 Teacher Guide          small_download  Term 3 Teacher Guide

Week-by-week course details, plans and resources can be accessed using the links below.

Term 1Term 2Term 3
Week One
the Classical in modern objects & language
Week Thirteen
language recap of last term’s work
Week Twenty-Four
verb tenses, Aristotle’s golden mean
Week Two
order v. inflection, Roman names
Week Fourteen
Latin and Greek number cognates
Week Twenty-Five
past continuous, Aristotle & the nature of reality
Week Three
Latin verb endings, Greek alphabet
Week Fifteen
‘esse’, ‘to be’ (irregular Latin verb)
Week Twenty-Six
past continuous, constellation myths
Week Four
verb endings, mythological creatures
Week Sixteen
‘to be’, Greek dinosaur compounds
Week Twenty-Seven
trickier Latin language sentences
Week Five
verb endings, Greek gods & vases
Week Seventeen
language recap, Olympic Games
Week Twenty-Eight
language recap, Roman numerals
Week Six
verb endings, make mosaics of your name
Week Eighteen
‘to be’, writing self descriptions
Week Twenty-Nine
possessive nouns (English and Latin)
Week Seven
adverbs, Bath and curse tablets
Week Nineteen
to be (guess who), Linnaean classification
Week Thirty
possessive nouns, Pythagoras & triangles
Week Eight
nouns (subject & object), Roman games
Week Twenty
adjectival agreement, Homeric epic
Week Thirty-One
possessive nouns, myth of Persephone
Week Nine
feminine ‘a’ nouns, Roman army & catapult
Week Twenty-One
adjectival agreement, Homeric epic
Week Thirty-Two
language recap & complex sentence translation
Week Ten
masculine ‘us’ nouns, the body
Week Twenty-Two
prepositions, Epic Top Trumps
Week Thirty-Three
Ovid’s Metamorphoses & the myth of Icarus
Week Eleven
basic sentences, Plato & being good
Week Twenty-Three
the Roman art of millefiori & pot-making practical
Week Twelve
Roman food tasting/cookery

small_download MCT1 vocab & endings