Maximum Civilisations

All of the links below lead to themed lesson materials on The Romans, The Greeks or (new!) The Ottomans complete with teaching slide decks, worksheets and teacher notes. Suitable for KS2 students aged 7 and up. All are completely free to download.

The Greeks

Shakespeare’s Ancient Influences

Explore how the Bard’s work is connected with Greek theatre and the Latin language. more ➡️

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Plato & Morality

Why do humans behave themselves… or not! Find out what Plato thought. more ➡️

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Music in the Ancient World

What was music like in Ancient times? Find out and make a syrinx. more ➡️

links to: Music, Science, Design & Technology

The Greek Gods

Investigate the main Greek gods and goddesses and their symbols. more ➡️

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The Meaning of Myth

Why do cultures, including the Ancient Greeks, create myths? more ➡️

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Homer & Epic Poetry

Discover the fascinating tales of the Iliad and the Odyssey. more ➡️

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The Greek Alphabet

Learn to read and write using the Ancient Greek alphabet. more ➡️

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The Olympic Games

How were the original Olympic Games different from the modern ones? more ➡️

Exploring Greek Mythology through Clay

The myths of Athena, Persephone and Poseidon provide the stimulus for three easy clay projects. more ➡️

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The Romans

Animals in the Ancient World

Animals fill many roles in modern life, but what did they mean to Romans? more ➡️

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The Roman Army

Explore the ruthlessly efficient engine behind Rome’s massive empire. more ➡️

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The Bath Curse Tablets

Discover everyday Romano-British troubles and make your own tablet. more ➡️

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The Bloomberg Tablets

Use this treasure trove of Romano-British letters to learn more about everyday life. more ➡️

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Roman Food

What did the Romans eat? What ingredients did they have and how did they cook them? Create your own original Roman recipes. more ➡️

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Time: Roman & Modern

How did our modern months and days of the week get their names? And how did the Romans tell the time without watches? Explore all these questions and more ➡️

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🆕 The Ottomans

The Ottomans were arguably the greatest empire to follow on after the Romans, but what do we know about them? Explore their history and their culture, and design your own iznik tile pattern. more ➡️

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