ClassicsTober ’23

We’re back again for another month of Classics/Art fun thanks to Greek Myth Comix and Dr Cora Beth Fraser! Each day of October this year, we’ll put up the name of a character from Greek mythology and a little about their story. It’s up to you to then create any style of artwork and tweet it using the hashtag #ClassicsTober. If you don’t have access to a Twitter account, send it in to and we’ll tweet it for you and put it up here.

The themes for ClassicsTober ’23

1. Cassandra2. Medusa3. Asterion4. Lycaon5. Chiron 6. Medea
7. Persephone 8. Icarus9. Achilles10. Asklepius11. Pandora12. Talos
13. Arachne14. Helen15. Prometheus16. Circe 17. Atalanta18. Phaedra
19. Sisyphus20. Odysseus21. Psyche22. Midas23. Orpheus24. Hephaestus
25. Talos26. Thetis27. Pygmalion28. Nyx29. Nemesis30. Tiresias
31. Hecate 

For each day of ClassicsTober ’23, we’ll give a brief outline here of the character and some suggestions for further reading, starting on 1st October.