ClassicsTober ’22

You may have heard of Inktober, where each day of October there’s a new word to use as inspiration for a drawing, painting, collage – any kind of artwork. Well, thanks to Greek Myth Comix, we now have the annual joy of ClassicsTober. Each day of October, we’ll put up a classically-themed word. Using these as inspiration, create any style of artwork and tweet it using the hashtag #ClassicsTober. If you don’t have access to a Twitter account, send it in to and we’ll tweet it for you.

31st October: Sarcophagus

The very last word for ClassicsTober ’22 is sarcophagus, a stone coffin. The word literally means ‘flesh-eater’ (‘sarc-’ is also there in the English word ‘sarcasm’, literally ‘flesh-tearing’). Given their durable nature, many sarcophagi from the ancient world still exist in museums around today, from lavish, stylised Egyptian sarcophagi to personal, touching memorials to the deceased.

The themes for Classics-tober ’22

1. coin2. script3. three4. threshold5. knowledge6. bough
7. katabasis8. octopodes9. feat10. psyche11. priestess12. simile
13. serpentine14. luna15. monument16. necromacy17. bronze18. vine
19. warrior20. transformation21. cult22. mother23. pathos24. idol
25. lamp26. Bacchanalia27. epithet28. ancestor29. return30. offering
31. sarcophagus