Mega Greek online: session 5

Original Olympians

Date: Monday 4th May, time: 11-11.45am

Meeting ID: 892 4357 3571    Password: contact

Materials you’ll need

Session structure

Part 1 – introduction & hellos

Our mascot for this lesson is the Nike, goddess of victory. Now where have you seen that name before?…

As usual, we’ll start our session by greeting each other with a big ‘khairete!’

Part 2 –  Warm up: Greek alphabet slam

Using your alphabet sheets (or not, if you’re super-ambitious!), type the Greek alphabet equivalent of the English letter you see.

Part 3 –  Quiz: Word Roots Challenge

Can you think of some English words that come from the Greek words you see on your screen?

Part 4 – Watch, learn, practice: Clever Codes

Last week we learned how the Ancient Greeks encoded who is doing the verb into the end of the word, a bit like an ancient form of Scratch coding. We’re going to recap those codes and then see if we can start to translate some Greek verbs.

Part 5 – Quiz: Olympic Lies

Did you know that I’ve got a gold medal in making up random facts?* See if you can separate fact from fiction by spotting the untruths I tell you about the ancient Greek Olympics.

* – or maybe I don’t, can you trust me?

After-session activities & links

Explore a CGI recreation of Olympia:

More about Nike:

Session rules

  1. 🤐 Stay on mute! Everyone needs to be on mute, otherwise things could get very noisy! If you want to answer a question, type in the text box.
  2. 💻 Be patient! If the lesson’s Internet connection goes down, I will switch to another network. This may take a couple of minutes but the Zoom room will stay open.
  3. 📝Be prepared! Have all the materials you’ll need (listed above) ready.
  4. 🤓Have fun! Ancient Greece is awesome (but I may be slightly biased).

Note on video recording

I’ll be recording the session for training and monitoring purposes. Classics For All, who fund and sponsor this online course, has also had requests from a small number of partner schools to have access to the video to support their home learning programme. Consequently, the recording of the session will be distributed to a few selected CfA partner schools.