Mega Greek goes online

Mega Greek Online – session 1
Sneaky Greek & The Gods

Date: Monday 30th March, time: 11-11.45am

If you want to join the lesson, contact for the Zoom code.

Materials you’ll need

Session structure

Part 1 – introduction & hellos

Our mascot for this lesson is the King of the Ancient Greek gods, Zeus. We’ll find out more about him and his family in Part 5 of the lesson.

We’ll learn how to say ‘hello’ in Ancient Greek, and also notice how the alphabet is a bit different from what we’re used to.

Part 2 – Game: Back in Time

Mums, Dads and big brothers/sisters can help out on this game. Zeus is going to zap us back along the history timeline. In each place in history we land, we’ll see a picture. From the picture you can try and guess where in history we are. Can you spot when we arrive in Ancient Greece?

Part 3 – Quiz: Sneaky Greek

The Ancient Greeks have given the English language some interesting words. The Greek words in both ‘normal’ letters and Greek letters will pop up. Can you see what English word they’re similar to? Type the answers in your chat box.

Part 4 – Task on Paper – Match the Greek to the English

Let’s look at some more words that come to us from the Ancient Greeks. You’ll have ten minutes to go through your worksheet. You can work on your own or with a partner (Mum/Dad/brother/sister). Do the easy ones first, and do as many as you can. If you have any questions or need any help, type in the chat box. After ten minutes, we’ll go through the answers.

Part 5 – Greek Gods Quiz

We’ll split up into teams – Goddesses (Girls) v. Gods (Boys). I’ll show you a picture of a god or goddess from Greek mythology, as well as giving you clues about their special powers. If it’s your team’s turn to answer, you can type the name of the god into the chat box.

After-session activities & links

⚡️Make a Greek Gods memory game

⚡️Listen to the myth of the early Greek gods (aka the most dysfunctional family of all time)

⚡️Colour in and/or annotate the myth in pictures

Session rules

  1. 🤐 Stay on mute! Everyone needs to be on mute, otherwise things could get very noisy! If you want to answer a question, type in the text box.
  2. 💻 Be patient! If the lesson’s Internet connection goes down, I will switch to another network. This may take a couple of minutes but the Zoom room will stay open.
  3. 📝Be prepared! Have all the materials you’ll need (listed above) ready.
  4. 🤓Have fun! Ancient Greece is awesome (but I may be slightly biased).

Quick note

I’ll be recording the session for training and monitoring purposes. However, the video will only be shown within the Classics For All organisation and won’t be made available for wider viewing.